Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual POV

I posted this photo yesterday already, juuuust before I read that the photo challenge for this week is about unusual point of view (pov). Better re-post than never, I supposed. So, I re-post this photo again today since it just fits in with the challenge. The photo of me taken with unusual pov, edited using cartoon effect with Camera360 application.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

It’s been long time since the last time I participated in the weekly challenge. This-week challenge is the right topic at the right time for me since we were just back from holiday trip, which is … sea.

The credit of photo should go to my daughter since it was her that took it early in the morning. She deliberately woken up early, grabbed the camera and enthusiastically ran to the beach with her cousins to take some snapshots.

I love sea very much. The waves, the winds, the sun, the coconut trees … everything! I could sit down on the beach forever, watching the waves come and go endlessly. This is the sunrise taken from Parai beach, Sungai Liat, Bangka, Indonesia. Don’t you love sea too?


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss


When the sea kisses the sands. The waves come and go as the winds blow. Kissing the sands and leaving the footprints just like how a lipstick always does. Everlasting kisses. And the sun keeps watching them, in a deep jealousy.

I’m trying to interpret this week challenge into something different, since I have no photos about kiss. Yes, those kiss. Coming across this photo taken on our trip to Air Manis beach in Padang, West Sumatera my imagination told me that actually they’re kissing each other. They just didn’t let us know. Not until I decided to publish it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique


Talking about unique, I think this tree fits it.
We call this tree as kapok. Common name is silk-cotton tree while the Latin name is Ceiba Pentandra. Normally there are many leaves but it is tropical-dry season at the moment so it sheds most of its leaves each day and it ends up with a tree and branches only. You know, it’s drought deciduous. On my way to the kids’ school I found this tree standing out. It’s like an ogre with hundreds hands trying to catch you. What do you think?