When I Miss My Younger Kiddos

Every time I see other kids younger than mine, I always try to visualize my kids at their younger age. Memories flash back. When they were born. When they went to school for the first time. When they walked for the first time and ran all over the places in the house. Every moment. I miss those moments. I want to see them back younger.

And then it always makes me realized that time does fly. It might sound cliche but it is very true that I should enjoy present time when my kids at their present age now. It makes me thanking to God for what I have now. I will surely miss the moments I have now later when they grow up. So I guess I should really, by really I mean REALLY REALLY, enjoy the present, no matter what. No matter how Rifky expresses his tantrum when he doesn’t get what he wants I should really enjoy it. I will surely miss it when, say, he’s on 7th grade later. No matter how easy Nadya to say No for every thing I say now (typical teenager!) I should really enjoy it. I will surely miss it when she leaves home for her college.

I love they way you eat your sushi (“I don’t like it at all Mom! It tastes so wrong”)


I love watching you applying trainer on your teeth (“It’s very uncomfortable, I don’t like it!”)


I love thousands of selfie you take in my iphone (“May I borrow your phone?” … and then suddenly it’s out of spaces)


I enjoy the feeling when you decided to join football club in your school (“May I put my new football shoes on when we go to the restaurant later?”)


And I love watching you sleeping right now …


I love you kiddos, in the past, present and future …


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