When I tried to work at home at midnight …

Event Log:

Event Type:            Error

Event Source:         Life

Event Category:      None

Event ID:                0

Date:                     7/21/2008

Time:                     02:00:00 AM

User:                      Maya



General Information


Additional Info:

ExceptionManager.PlaceName: Komplek THI Medan

ExceptionManager.TimeStamp: 7/21/2008 02:00:00 AM

ExceptionManager.PersonName: Maya


Exception Information


Exception Type: System.ArgumentException

Message: ‘You cannot work at home at midnight because your kid wakes up at the same time’.

ParamName: Kids

TargetSite: Life.Work.AtMidNight(Time, AreKidsSleeping, Boolean)


Description: “You have set alarm at 02.00am. But your son woke up as well. You have tried to set him back to sleep. When you thought he has slept, you went out from room and started to work again. But he woke up again and came out of the room. He thought it was already morning. He played with his fruit trolley. You tried again to set him back to sleep. In the end, you also felt asleep. And woke up late in morning without completing any office tasks.”


Troubleshooting: “Please make sure the alarm does not wake up everybody in your room”.


For more information, see Help and Support Center at




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